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madonna in on it?



advocacy for the not normal

[this page also at http://logic-and-freedom.com/Trock.html]



deep purple

alice cooper

janet jackson

lady gaga


ex led zeppelin

bob seger

zz top

ray manzarek

ritchie blackmore


i was gonna say billy idol and iggy pop and fergie and

luv ya all

hello joan jett

kiss me deadly

pat benatar

brass in pocket

jefferson what?



hello fellow artists:


dude, what a fuckin trip


da list iz fuckn endless.


here's the sitch:


i might have invented the plans for heaven on earth. it's actually quite simple. i was a fuckn genius from elementary school thru grad school, top world level intellectual, but the normal world feels like a fuckn straitjacket.


please share in your social media. thanks.


take your fuckn pick and refresh pahe for updates


for the weed in the potato chips, dedicated to steve tyler or : click-where-you-like.com or letter to the mayors of vegas, L.A., and San Diego


for the special ed, dedicated to randy bachman or pretty woman walkin down da fuckn street:

or google "batman took tyra"


for my friends at the psych ahlfway house where the judge makes me go 5 days a week coz i got assaulted by the cops but the cops lied in court and i got WAY PISSED in court and so now i'm under house arrest type of thing: if u dont wanna read about science and religion skip to where im like, dude, the law is fucked up or if u dont wanna skip to where im like dude da law is fucked up think about cheech and fuckn chong


my court ordered shrnink is wonderful. he doesnt think im crazy, just not normal




refresh page for updates


rock n fuckn roll 4ever



took thorntorn aka zoxordotcom aka thekinkikiguy aka andrea gaudiano aka tookie



ps, if one o' ya all famous/influential folks dont talk about me, i might never get out of house arrest and halfway houses. lookin fw to a line-up of music acts when we fuckn rock the world. dream on?

4 da sped (lykme) i wanna live in a territory or world where:

- everyone has enough to eat (it costs 1% of the world's money)

- everyone has access to the internet (this creates a healthy economy, a fuckn THRIVIN economy)

- etc.

- some fo the fundamental links about it are here (possibly near the bottom of the page



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