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New Music





New music has arrived and more to come. 6 songs have been released and although I need to listen to them more times to know what they're all about I feel already they'll be new favorites. It feels great to have new material from the real material girl. I thought I wouldn't feel this way since I'm "older" and maybe music isn't what music was to me before.


For me music was my life and specially Madonna's & Gloria Estefan's music that helped me go through difficult periods in my life. Being gay, Latin american and an immigrant wasn't easy, specially living in a small, really small town where everybody new everybody.


So the music was my saviour and I have lots of respect for it. However I'm more mature and I feel confortable with who and what I am so I never thought that new music from Madonna would create so enhanced feelings. Specially now that I have so much at work, we're going through a tough organizational phase, interesting and challenging though, but still time consuming. I haven't even felt any christmas spirit!!!! First time ever that we're close to the 24th but it feels more like being close to November 24.


But when I saw that the album could be pre-ordered I almost couldn't control myself. I couldn't help myself to pre-order the album ASAP and dowload the tracks available. I can't wait to hear the entire album now that I'm listening to the tracks that are available. They sound like Madonna, yet with a fresh touch. I feel like when I was a child again and I can even say that the chrismas feeling and spriti is getting closer and growing more and more the more I listen to the tracks.


LOVE the new material and I just want to hear more!


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