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U.K. X Factor



In the U.K. millions of people get excited about talent show The X Factor which is starting soon. People all over the world watch clips of acts online and the show has made stars of home grown tallent such as Leona Lewis, James Arthur and One Direction to name a few. The series starts in the summer and leads to winter, keeping poeple entertaind until Christmas.

If your reading this your probably more excited about the soon to be released studio album by Madonna "me too" I know bopping around the house to it will be the only thing getting me hot once it turns cold.

However here in the U.K. there has been media roumors that Madonna would perform on The X Factor or even be a judge.

Many stars promote their new material on this number one show and what better way would a live performance be on the show to promote Madonna's new album by singing live to 12 million + households?

I would like to here your thoughts and comments about this, please show your support and maybe help to make it happen


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