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Madonna for all times



Dear Queen!!!

Yes…, You are really Queen, but I think You know it. “Empty-head dolls” there are many in Hollywood and in the world… but You are not one of them: You are very fantastic beauty women, mother, singer and extremely versatile personality, which celebrates its regular eighteenth, whose life is filled with meaning, the main objective of which, on my opinion, should be the realization of own potential while giving love and doing good for others. You are like no other, successfully carry out its mission on this earth. Proof of this are at least the following activities as: "Raising Malawi", your statements against war and violence around the world, for maintaining peace, statements against racial, religious and sexual discrimination and much more. Of course, You are pop Queen, but as for me, first of all, You are an example of women's courage, strength, spirit indestructibility, Queen-model of inexhaustible human potential, endless talents of the human race.

Clear is that fact, that the path on top was not easy.

I, for example, grew up in a country full of stereotypes of the former Soviet Union, through my education-lawyer - always had to adhere to standards, to take into account someone's criticism, so I perfectly understand You and this difficults, that You had go through. But I wish You encourage to continue to give up your ideas and implement them. All these criticisms of “champions of morality”, people who tried to "back your ideas on Earth" and return you to reality, through of their callousness, cynicism today are “on earth” and unrealistic for You.

Of course, we all will be old, but we need to try to live so, as to be able to say to yourself once "my years-my richness", my life made lives of many people better. On my opinion, although your age there is somewhere far away, You have already successfully implemented this principle.

I wish You in your "18", which you already notes in a row 38 times, are stay and proceed with creative energy, initiative, inspiration, desire to make a difference in this world, to continue to do good. Happiness and good health to You, Queen!!!


always yours,

Roman Iatsyshyn


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