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Cleveland concert



I just wanted to say that the Cleveland, Ohio show was all that I had hoped for! I have been a fan for nearly 30 years and it was truly an honor to see her live. I cannot complain about any start times, because I had done my homework and found out she didn't come on until after 10. I looked here, on facebook, and saw her interview with Ellen. She played for nearly 2 hours and I was glad that I wasn't at the half-hour show in the UK! It was actually a blessing to me that she started that late because I came from Columbus and didn't check in to my hotel until after 8pm, and then got lost after I parked in a parking garage that seemed so far away from the Arena! LOL. I had a great workout trying to hurry to the arena as well. I didn't get there until 9:45, so I was happy, knowing that my homework paid off! Lol Awesome show, thank you Madonna!


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