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Christian Louboutin who are not only lots of famous star but also plenty of distinguished personages.



Christian Louboutin who are not only loChristian Louboutin outlet who are not only lots of famous star but also plenty of distinguished personages.


Christian Louboutin boots, a famous French high heels designer, who born in Paris in 1963, his motherbrought up him and his four sisters, his father was a skillful carpenter. He dropped out of school at the age of 16 and went to the French shoe industry center–Romans-sur-Isere, became an apprentice in the Charles Jordan shoe factory. He often skip class to go to some France nightclubs to see models show, because he was attracted by the high heels thoseChristian Louboutin boots women worn and this is became the spritual power of he became a high heel designer. He said; “Those female models are a great influence on me, if you like high heels, and that is really the first high heels, It was on the leg, what to wear to walk all the body decoration. They are the first idol. ” Although the decision to drop out of school because of this long, Luo Boting encountered opposition from many crowd, but to become a designer high heels has been determined.

The production of christian louboutin shoes15198917_tgurzn110110205604.jpg

In 1979,Christian Louboutin outlet’s debut – the first pair of Christian Louboutin bootsshoes produced,

the market everywhere, but those dancers did not believe him, thwarted at every turn, he realized that he must undergo professional training. Then, in 1981, at a friend’s referral, he first apprenticed in the Follies Bergeres also quite prestigious at that time the brand Charles Jourdan footwear technology where systems learn and improve on their deficiencies in the process.Gift and ideas and self-confidenceChristian Louboutin bootsquickly cut a striking figure in the industry. But then, he has not established its own brand of thinking, is not willing to join any group, the identity of free workers has at Chanel, YSL be a separate system shoemaker. In 1988, Christian Louboutin boots m is moved by his friends, joined the Dior’s legendary company specializing in shoes Roger Vivier, through the master’s instructions, his shoe-making technique has a high fly, and became a household name soon. Christian Louboutin outlethas finally created his own same brand christian louboutin in 1992, he made high heels colorful, exotic, by the media as “Need for independent outside the mainstream”, available on a greatly concerned about.ts of famous star but also plenty of distinguished personages.


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