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Piers Morgan's Madonna complex



Live from the USCNN’s replacement for Larry King, sure knows how to grind an ax. British TV personalityPiers Morgan has barely taken over the job and he’s already banned pop star Madonnafrom appearing.

What’s the problem? It seems that Madonna was an “annoyance” to him back when he was a sleazy Fleet Street tabloid newspaper editor. Is he kidding?

Madonna famously clashed with any number of London’s tabloids during the time she lived there. What’s new about that? If Larry King was known for anything it was for making his show a forum for all points of view for people from all walks of life. But Morgan seems determined to carry on a feud that goes back two decades. “She’s kind of been an irritant in my life for 20 years, so I had to ban her from the show. It’s probably quite childish, but it made me feel better,” he said.

Actually, it is more than quite childish. CNN should have its collective head examined for hiring Morgan to replace King. Say what you will about, King’s checkered past, he always saw himself as a newsman and approached his job that way. Morgan is an entertainer, and now fans of the show will have to put up with his petty jealousies. What’s more, it seems like the whole tone of the show is about to change. Instead of a news show, it will be an entertainment chat show opened to people who pay proper deference to Morgan’s overweening ego. Morgan, of course, says he will reconsider Madonna’s ban if she makes a sincere apology. “A bended-knee apology on CNN might swing it. Other than that, it’s a lifetime ban,” he says. Ha. That will never happen.

The British newsman says he already has plans to interview a major pop superstar, Lady Gaga. “Lady Gaga is half her age, twice as good-looking, twice as talented, and twice as hot. I mean, why would I bother with Madonna, seriously,” he said. Lady Gaga should tell Morgan to take a flying leap. In fact, celebrities should boycott his show, until this effete snob apologizes to Madonna.

Source: www.theimproper.com



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