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Hello everyone! Cheers to the New Year, 2011!

It's been about 7 or 8 months since I have even logged into Icon. There are many reasons, and since I like to make lists, here are a couple.

1. My life was crazy entering 2010. I had been laid off for about a year going into 2010 and was fearful of so many economic factors. About the time I stopped posting in here I accepted a permanent position with the company I currently work for. Although this gave me financial peace of mind, it did not stabilize all parts of my life. 

2. My life during 2010 has been a roller-coaster. I have been dealing with some medical issues, of which I had no insurance for, and some personal issues. We were being harassed by our leader at work (she was fired) only to be placed under the scrutiny  of another harassing leader. I have since decided I am  going to stick it out and wait until I am afforded an opportunity to move up or out. I dislocated my arm and my health deteriorated in 2010 as well. Now that I have insurance, and see the value of caring for myself, I plan on working on rebuilding that shoulder and addressing the issues with my health. Now to schedule the appointments and jump through the hoops. ;)

3. Lastly, I must admit I questioned myself, my likes and my life, in many areas last year. I questioned Madonna and her most recent genesis as well. Why is she doing all these 'enhancements' to her face, why is she making the personal choices she's making, why why why!?!?!? I won't get into these as I am sure I will receive hate mail about it, which brings me to my last point... Why can't we all love and RESPECT one another, and our diverse opinions?? Why must we create these rediculous comparison threads only to trash others? Or worse yet, hate threads? Have we learned nothing from Madonna, or at the very least, how others have treated Madonna? We should love Madonna and each other, or at least have the respect to not trash her or each other.

This last is the main reason I've dropped out M chat rooms. i simply cannot abide by this type of hatred. I myself have participated in it up until I dropped out and apologize sincerely to anyone or thing it may have affected negatively. The sweet part about this is these chats have taught me something I never grasped about life before. Life isn't about the competition. It isn't about who did what first or best. Life is about everyone doing their best, and everyone accepting other's best. Competition is healthy as long as it celebrates diversity and creativity. It should not point fingers or generate accusations. If it does we have to question the players, not the game.

In 2011 I seek to celebrate individuality and creativity, not originality and trophies. I urge all of you to do the same. Release your hatreds and practice tolerance, opening your minds and express yourself to the BENEFIT of others, not to their detriment. 

I hope this post finds you well and I wish all of you the best in this new year. May this be a great year of music for Madonna and all these lovely women who graciously afford us pop music. They all deserve our admiration and respect. I feel as if an era is winding down for me and music and a new one is just beginning. May all of you find peace, clairvoyance and enlightenment in this new year. 

Peace and <3

Rj Monster


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