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It's So Cool Lyrics - Discussion



It's So Cool

written by Madonna, Mirwais, Monte Pittman
Bonus Track, Time: 3:27
It's so hard to be someone
It's so hard to be unknown
In your heart you ought to blame
In your heart you played the game
Do you realize you paid the price
Do you know the cost of all your vice
Save your soul, it's all a test
Save your soul, it's for the best


We need love [love, love, love, love]
We need love [love, love, love, love]
We need love [love, love, love, love]
We need love [love, love, love, love]

Save your soul little sister
Save your soul dear little brother
You need hope says the preacher
Learn to cope says all my teachers
Do you really know God's intention
Do you ever ask what it's all for
We need love, love and love
We need more, more and more

(chorus, repeat)

Prophets are telling us
We're near the end
But I am telling you
That it's all pretend

It's so cool to be uncool
It's so right to be unright
It's so good to look so bad
Isn't this the best thing you ever had

(chorus, repeat)

We need love


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