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Madonna Fan's Research




Hello everyone! 

My name is Josh  and i was one of the lucky winners of the "Shrine Contest" last year. 

This is my final year at Central Saint Martins (college of Art and Design in London) and as part of my degree work and I'm doing a research project that will lead into a performance/photographic piece (based on the "shrine piece). My subject is the fandom phenomenon and of course Madonna and her fans will be a big part of it. 

It'd be great if you guys could help me out by answering this few questions (just copy and paste the questionnaire into the comment box or email it to me if prefer: joshbrandao@yahoo.co.uk ) 

Thank you so much and hope this won't take too much of your time. 

And happy holidays everyone! 


My Madonna Shrine Contest - April 2009 (Final Photo)

Big hugs, 



Josh x


1. what's your age? 


2. What your occupation? 


3. Where do you live? 


4. When did you start being a Madonna fan? 


5. What was it that attracted you the most about her? 


6. How did you your life change after you became a madonna fan? 


7. Has it had any negative sides?


8. How open are you with friends and family about it (being a Madonna fan)?


9. What is your most memorable moment as a Madonna fan? 


10. Besides the entertainment aspect of it, do you use Madonna practically,in any way in your personal life, for example, to cope with everyday problems? 


11. What are your other interests and how would you divide that percentage wise? e.g.. Work: 20% ,socialising with friends: 15% riding horses: 40%, Madonna 25%. Must include Madonna! 


12. Do you think you could ever stop being her fan? 



13. What is "Madonna" to you? 


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