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To all my dear friends on Icon Madonna!



My dear friends,

First of all, I'm very sorry for  not have contacted you for so long!

As some Iconers know, because I explained the situation to them, this year which ends, I dedicated to the full recovery of my health.

It was the worst year of my life, although I don't enjoy exposing my situation - I like more, to share the good things that happen to me.

I never get away from you, however, I have responded to all your posts, both at Icon, and Facebook. You know that.
I also imagine that you face many problems and that you like to keep them reserved and, some of you, also know why I distanced myself a little from Icon.

Well... I'm here primarily to wish all friends of Icon, an excellent year of 2011 filled with health, peace, love and much prosperity for your entire life. May all your wishes come true in the fullness and your spirit rises to the highest values of humanity.

Your friend forever,

Oscar Casares



The Christmas's richest children





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