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Chloe hits streets



Right, time for a quick fashion test. Who is Phoebe Philo? If you have heard of her, you will know why we've given two whole pages to her first collection. If the name is ringing no bells, listen up.

Until earlier this year, Philo was Stella McCartney's best friend and right-hand woman. When McCartney became Chloe outlet designer in 1997 at the age of 23, she insisted on bringing Philo along, to work alongside her in the Paris design studio. Those who know Philo claimed to detect her stamp on many items that graced the Chloe outlet  catwalk during the McCartney reign. When McCartney left Chloe this year to set up a Gucci-backed own label - still with me? - Philo trounced high-profile competitors to take over from  chloe outlet  her old friend as head designer.


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