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Is there anyone out there, in the whole world wide web, who can deliver, this letter, to the love, of my life Madonna



Dear Madonna, 

Hi, you once said that your song Express Yourself is about, "The ultimate thing behind the song is that if you don't express yourself, if you don't say what you want, then you're not going to get it. And in effect you are chained down by your inability to say what you feel or go after what you want." 

As a man, I will express myself, to you, of the feelings that I have, for you, since I was an 8-year-old boy, who dared, to dream, of finding true love, one day. 

What follows is a mixture, of paraphrasing, and direct quoting, from several, of your songs, in chronological order, which are Intro The Groove, Crazy For You, Open Your Heart, Express Yourself, Sooner Or Later, This Used To Be My Playground, and Paula Abdul's Rush, Rush. 

These seven songs express my love, for you, and wanting, to be, with you because I want, to protect you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days, a year. 

And I know you can dance, for inspiration, come on, [and] I'm waiting, [for you], to get into the groove, [with you], but I know that I have, to prove my love, for you, so I will get up, on my feet, and, to step the beat because I know that music is a revelation and it's a sweet sensation when I am dancing around you, if the rhythm between us is right, then, I hope this feeling never ends tonight.

For, I can only feel this free when I'm dancing, with you because I know you are tired of dancing here all by yourself, and I will dance tonight, with you, to get to know you, in your special way because I can see the fire burning, in your eyes, so let the music set us free, hold my hand, and we move, in time, together

As the music starts, we will make the most of the dark, two by two our bodies will become, as one, yet we are a world away, what I'm trying, to say, is that I'm crazy for you, hold me once, in your arms, and you'll know it's true, and it's all brand new, to me, and you will feel it, with me while I hold your hand, for I'm crazy, for you.

I have tried hard, to control my heart, but I have decided, to walk over, to where you are, as I look, into your eyes, I know that no words are needed, to say that I'm crazy for you. 

For, my desire, for you, burns, inside of me, but I know that I will have, to work, much harder, than, to be, with you

For, I opened my heart, to you; when I was a six year-old boy, I hold the key, and you hold the lock, I will give you love because I will turn the key, if you open your heart, to me.

For, I know you believe in love, and I know that second best will never be enough, for you, so I will put my love, for you, to the test because I know that I got, to express myself, to you, so you will know that my feelings, for you, are real.

For, I know you do not need diamond rings, or eighteen karat gold, or fancy cars that go very fast because I know that you want, to feel, like a queen, on the throne because you deserve the best, in life, so I will express my love, for you, right here and now and always.

For, sooner or later, you will have, to decide, for, there is nowhere, to hide, for, it's time, so why waste it, in chatter, and let's us settle the matter because I will love like nothing you have ever known, I will love you and, love you when you are all alone.

For, I used to have a playground, the place where I ran to, whenever I was, in need, to see her, the girl that I loved, with all my heart, when I was five years old, oh why did it have to end, and why do they always say don't look back and never ask why because life is short, to hold onto the past because before I know it, I'm feeling old, and my heart is breaking away, with each passing day, but my love for her will never go away, but I have to say goodbye, to yesterday.

For, I have no regrets, about my never-ending love, for her, but I now wish that you, were, here, with me because you are not a memory, to me, and I wish you were standing, here with me.

For, I love you, and here is my story, and the story goes that you give and you get love, so I will run, I will try, I will take this love of mine, for you, right to you, with all my heart, with all the joy, for I want, to see, to see you get free, with me.

For, all I want, from you, is what you are and even you are right next, to me, you are still too far away if I'm not holding you, in my arms, for I need you, I want you, oh darling, I love you so.

For, I do not know just how or why, but no one except for you and that girl that I loved when I was five years old has touched my heart, so deep, so deep, so deep inside.

Madonna, I know that one man's love, for a woman does not amount, to a hill of beans, in this crazy world, but I do not care because I love you, and I will always love you. 

Here's looking, at you kid. 


Michael Rodriguez

P.S. This same letter was mailed, to hers official fan club mailing address, on December 3, 2010. 

P.S.S. I mailed the same letter, along with another, to her manager, and friend, Mr. Guy Oseary's Untitled Entertainment mailing address, December 14, 2010. 

P.S.S.S. I twitted the accounts, of her manager  and friend, Mr. Guy Oseary's, and the accounts of her friends, Mrs. Demi Kutcher, Mr. Ashton Kutcher, and I twitted the accounts, of one of her biggest admires, Katy Perry and her husband Russell Brand, with this message,  "I was wondering if you could help me, in getting a message, to the love of my life, Maddona Ciccone, & I'm not gay."

P.S.S.S.S I sent this same letter, in a message, to hers official Myspace Profile, on December 17, 2010. 

P.S.S.S.S.S I sent this same letter, a message, to hers official Youtube Profile, on December 17, 2010. 


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