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Jimmy Choo with Vogue



After that, Jimmy Choo became business partners with Tamara Yeardye Mellon.The Jimmy 


Choo International flagship store is in Bond Street in London. Jimmy Choo shoes 


quickly became a hit amongst the Hollywood set.”Jimmy Choo is an important investment 


for TowerBrook,” Ramez Sousou said. Jimmy Choo handbags change every season, but the 


line continues to use some specific materials in all their purses. Jimmy Choo Shoes 


without a doubt have to be some of the sexiest shoes around.Jimmy Choo is the recipient of numerous awards. There are lots of brides who dream of 


wearing Jimmy Choo shoes for their wedding.Ok,If now your want to get married. Get a 


dress, put make up and wear your Jimmy Choo shoes to make you wedding add extra special 


things to show.Jimmy Choo, named at birth Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat, is a designer based in London best 


known for his line of high heel women’s footwear. Designer Jimmy Choo was born in 1961 


and began creating shoes before he even entered junior high. It was reported that at 


the age of 11 he made his first shoe. Jimmy Choo Ltd was founded in 1996 by Tamara 


Mellon, a British Vogue magazine accessories editor. Jimmy Choo shoes were featured 


on eight pages of Vogue in 1988.


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