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Fireworks and Teenage Dreams: The Music of Katy Perry, Pop Music History, and Our Geek Generation (Part 1)



A month ago, I heard, on the car radio, California Gurls, the lead single, from Katy Perry, third studio album, Teenage Dream, and I like it.

However, I could not figure out, why I like it, nor could I find out why her singing voice kept playing, in my head. Even though the song is pure bubble-gum pop, I still wanted, to listen, to the song, over and over again because   her singing voice, for some reason, sang, to the sound of my soul.  No other female Pop-Music singer, throughout my 26 years, on this earth,  has ever sang a song that reached the sound of my soul, with the the only two exceptions, of Maria Carey and Madonna.

Therefore, when I got home, I went, on YouTube, type in, California Gurls, and I watched, the music video, on Miss Perry, official channel.  Although the music video is very provocative, I thought the video imagery was just redoing, Fergie’s Fergalicious video, with the major difference is that Perry’s video is more, of “Candyland” while Fergie’s video is more, of “Chocolate Factory.”

Yet, the video did not made me, to dismiss, Miss Perry’s singing voice, and I still wanted, to hear her singing voice again, so I decided, to conduct, some online research, to find out why  her singing voice caught my attention and that led me, to also find out why she sounds different, from other modern female pop-star singers since the start of the 21st century.

Therefore, I started, my online research, by reading, her biography, on  her Wikipedia  article, and I read that her singing background is Gospel Music  because her parents were pastors, who taught her, to sing Gospel Songs, from her childhood, to her late teens.

In fact, throughout her childhood and her teens, she only listened, to Gospel Music because her pastor mother would not allow her, to listen, to what her mother called, “secular music.”  Using her Wikipedia article references source section, I confirmed these biographic details, in a 2008 Blender Magazine interview, of hers.

Reading all this information, I found the answer, of why her singing voice sparked my interest is because  her singing background and her baseline, in her music is Gospel music.

However, my answer led, to me, ask a larger question, how and why a gospel singer, raised by two pastor parents, who released a gospel rock album, under her legal name Katy Hudson, at the age, of seventeen, went on, to become one of the biggest pop music sensation, in just the last two years, with hit songs, like, “Ur So Gay,” and “I Kissed a Girl?”

In answering this larger question, led me, to a Nostalgia Chick video, about blonde girls pop singers, which including a brief commentary, about Katy Perry,  which, then, led me, to conduct research, on the modern pop/rock music history, especially, on Blond and Non-Blond Rock/Pop female singers, from Nancy Sinatra, to Madonna, to Britney Spear, and, finally, to Lady GaGa.

Researching the answer, for this question, has led me, to ask, an even larger question, about our Geek Generation.

Our Geek Generation are those, including myself, who were born, from 1983, to the mid 1988, who grew up, in the 90s, and came of age, into adulthood, in decade, after, 9/11 is how us Geeks has handle that transition, in our Geek Culture and perhaps how we have handle it, in our lives, as Geek Men and Geek Women,  who are living, in  the 21st century?


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