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Lady Gaga In Japanese Commercial




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Lady Gaga Stars In Japanese Cell Phone Commercials

Lady Gaga Stars In Japanese Cell Phone Commercials

by Julia Rubin | 10:31 am, November 28th, 2010

When celebs want to score some easy cash without ruining their reps, starring in foreign commercials is often the moneymaking route of choice. They work for a day or two, make a few million and their American fans are none the wiser. Brad Pitt’s done it. So have Madonna, George Clooney and Natalie Portman. And now, so has Lady Gaga.

While Lady Gaga’s style tends toward the avant garde, she’s clearly not afraid of a little commercialism. Her stint in the Japanese ads below have her hocking Android phones while a remix of “Poker Face” plays in the background. Check out both versions below and tell us what you think!

Do you think the Android ads hurt Gaga's cred?
Yes! What is she doing in cheesy Japanese commercials? 
No! The commercials are actually kind of cool. 
Who cares? If I could make money this way, I would. 


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