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Gaga Gets AC Drunk!




Anderson Cooper: Lady Gaga Got Me to Drink Whiskey

Anderson Cooper may be a hard news journalist, but he still cuts up with Lady Gaga and is "obsessed" with "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

The CNN correspondent told "The Insider"'s Chris Jacobs that he recently did an interview with the pop star that will air on "60 Minutes" and she got him to drink on the job. "We actually ended up that day in a pub in London drinking Jameson, which I don't really drink," Anderson admitted. "So, she got me to drink like two of them, and by the end I was ready to have the interview be over because I really sort of couldn't ask anymore questions."

Anderson also gave his opinion of another woman always making headlines, Sarah Palin. "I think she's a fascinating person," he told Chris, adding that she has a "major impact in the Republican party and in America."

The journalist has admitted that he was a fan of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but now says he's equally fond of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." "They've all had such facial work that I find it weird," he said of the reality stars. "Occasionally if they're really annoyed, a weird wrinkle will appear like here (points to top of forehead) or like behind the ear, because they've had so much filler and Botox that nothing else will move."

Anderson hosted the CNN Heroes: An All-star Tribute, airing Nov. 25 on CNN.


SOURCE: http://www.theinsider.com/news/3380124_Anderson_Cooper_Lady_Gaga_Got_Me_to_Drink_Whiskey

Published 2 hours ago by the Insider


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