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Retro Action, November 23, 1990: Madonna Too Hot for MTV

by Ung-Kyu Lee 


Being the greatest-selling female pop artist of all time isn't easy. (Photo: Reuters / Lee Solano)

It featured scenes of sadomasochism, bondage, same-sex kissing, and brief nudity—and no, I'm not talking about Quills 2

Back in 1990, Madonna was making headlines yet again when the video for her hit single "Justify My Love" was banned from MTV. The singer appeared on Nightline (which aired the video in full) and had this to say: 

"Why is it that people are willing to go and watch a movie about someone getting blown to bits for no reason at all, and nobody wants to see two girls kissing and two men snuggling?" she asked. "MTV has been good to me, and they know their audience. If it's too strong for them, I understand. Although, half of me thought I was going to get away with it."

When asked if she could potentially make more money selling the video than airing it on MTV, Madonna appeared impatient and answered, "Yeah, so? Lucky me." The song is now the top-selling video of all time. 

As far as MTV, it seems they've toned it down on the whole censorship thing. Although there was some talk that the network would ban Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone" video for showing the performers being forcibly stripped down, they decided against it and aired it in full.

Well, except for the parts that were already pixelated, of course.



SOURCE: http://www.takepart.com/news/2010/11/21/retro-action-november-23-1990-madonna-video-too-hot-for-mtv


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