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MADONNA my nuev idol



MADONNA the bestHello. want to say that I love too much to "The Queen of Pop." As you all, Madonna is one of the few people in the world I love, it is to become my idol, I would never have imagined that someone like I would cheer so much life, every time I hear a song from her, I grieve the skin, ask why?, well I'll tell you, because I guess I'm in one of his concerts I sing every one of its songs without stopping, jump, cry, cry to hear her voice, is something hard to explain, before I felt anything for her, I get started with your music too adrentar who ia I can not leave, I love the Jonas Brothers but now idk if the master, and me too far from his music, all of them for Madonna, I love her too but I'm very confused, I love them equally, but the queen of pop is to become my addiction, my drug, I feel without their music could not vivir.Es escriboesto why, for Madonna to return to Mexico and heard too many rumors and not return, only to come twice, I can not explain why, I wonder why, for so to go back and remedy that foulbrood step back, sounding very stupid what I'm saying, but that's what I feel, anyway I hope they read these words and I comprendan.Sin more to say I am retiring, having a semana.Y good start to live THE QUEEN OF POP ... forever be in my heart..i love MADONNA


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