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Ricky Martin advised by Madonna



Ricky Martin came out in March 2010 and wrote a book about his life and spiritual journey, which includes advise given to him by Madonna. He spoke about this with Oprah on November 2, 2010. This advice can be applied to us all. Becoming closer to the light. All loving and all compassion. Ricky Martin is truly original and a great role model for us all, especially Latin-American.

Be Careful-Cuidado Con Mi Corazon (Dubtronic M Solo Extended Version) Madonna Radio by madonnaradio

Ricky Martin was a the first height of his stardom when he did a duet with Madonna, singing the song "Be Careful-Cuidado Con Mi Corazon). During this time, Madonna gave him some advice which was, essentially, (paraphrasing about his process of loving himself) Madonna comes up and advises him to stop doing interviews because people already know who he is.

It wasn't until later that he understood what she was referring to. He states that he did not understand her words, in the moment. Later, he understood that she meant for him to step out of the picture and look at the bigger picture. He was obsessed with work and he was not ready to listen to his body, mind nor spirit. He knew that if he stepped back that he would allow his true self to reveal a gay man. In the moment of silence, he was not ready to reveal his sexuality. His "religion" made his mind state that his feelings were "evil" and "wrong".

Ricky Martin's Book titled "ME"[/caption] Purchase his book by clicking HERE (http://www.amazon.com/Me-Ricky-Martin/dp/0451234154)

Listen to Ricky Martin and Madonna's Duet "Be Careful (with my heart)" by visiting Madonna Radio and Dubtronic's section HERE.


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