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More details on the Hard Candy Fitness Centers



Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness Centers 01

After a press release, we now have some new info about Madonna’s Hard Candy fitness project.

The official launch of the complex, which has a surface of 2500 square meters and a capacity of maximum 2500 people, will be held on November 29th in the presence of Madonna. The event will be very private, including some special guests and even a few new members will be able to attend the opening. No information on the selection process yet, but keep in mind that the pre-sale already started mid July 2010.

Apparently it will cost around $700 for a membership, including first and last month, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The complex contains a cardiovascular area (80 teams), a free integrated weight area, personal training, spinning rooms, group fitness, mind-body clinic and more.

The official website has also been launched… Have a look!http://www.hardcandyfitness.com/ 

Here are some pictures, including the official logo.

Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness Centers 02

Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness Centers 03

Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness Centers 04

Read more: http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2010/10/27/more-details-madonna-hard-candy-fitness-centers/#ixzz13esLLMdV


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