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Madonna hired a new Personal Trainer..



Madonna split from her longtime personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, a few weeks ago and friends claim it was because Anderson was tackling too many issues in her personal life to handle the demands of a client like Madonna.

According to report in Indianopolis Monthly, a paper based out of Anderson’s home state, the trainer behind Madonna’s famously sculpted arms is being sued by investors in her company for $1 million.

But Fox411 has learned that it wasn’t the money that was an issue of the queen of pop, but Tracy’s constant overlap of her personal and professional life.

While the women have been working closely together ever since Madonna’s friend and Anderson’s client Gwyneth Paltrow introduced them three years ago, things changed when Anderson began dating the former head of Madonna’s "Raising Malawi"charity, Phillippe van den Bossche.

"When Madonna hires you, she requires your full attention and the expectation is that she is paying you so much, that you will travel with her when she is on tour," sources tell Fox411. " Other doctors, chiropractors, therapists and choreographers committed to the entire tour, but Tracy could not. She has major commitments in New York since opening her Tracy Anderson Method Studio this year. Just add Tracy dating Phillippe and him quitting Raising Malawi to the list of things that lead to the end of their working relationship."

Anderson, already in a dire financial situation, will no doubt suffer a huge financial loss without Madonna, but it seems her other client, Gwyneth Paltrow, should also be concerned.

"Gwyneth actually helped Tracy build the brand new studio in Tribeca and bankrolled much of the project," the source said. "The facility can cost members more than $900 per month and it's a tough time for people to commit to that expense. Without Madonna's paychecks rolling in, Gwyneth will have to step up and help Tracy out."

And while Gwyneth is backing the $5 million project on account of Tracy’s 2005 bankruptcy, Glynn Barber, Anderson’s former lover and business partner, says the pint-sized trainer is a master of manipulation.

“She used her female charms to manipulate me to invest $1 million in her company,” Barber told the New York Post.

Read more: http://entertainment.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/10/13/madonna-splits-from-cash-strapped-personal-trainer-leaves-gwyneth-to-pay-her-bills/#ixzz12xH2qrZO


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