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The most wanted



BookFinder.com Report Fall 2010
Out-of-print and in demand

Every year BookFinder.com tracks the most sought-after out-of-print titles in America.  In this, the eighth edition, several books garnered enough attention for publishers to re-print them in the near future.  We also find some out-of-print mainstays which are unlikely to see a printer again despite their popularity.  But above all we collected the top 100 most sought after out-of print titles in America over the past 12 months, and here they are.



Born Collectibles:

If bookies took bets on out-of-print books our money would be on these titles staying off the presses for good.


Sex by Madonna

This explicit collection features photos of the Material Girl, without the material, has been a collector's item since it first hit shelves in 1992. Since Madonna is never one to do something twice, and the fact that the once highly controversial book is less edgy than it once was leads us to guess that Sex will remain out-of-print.



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