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Fan Report from Macy's



madonnalicious reader Gabriel sent in this report from the Macy's Material Girl event that took place in New York City on Wednesday:

I was at the Macy's event yesterday and wanted to give a report on it.
My friend and I arrived around 3:00pm and they had already started to set up the pink carpet area where Madonna was to arrive outside the store. Slowly but surely it seemed more and more people with ticket passes had already started to line up as well. As time came closer for Madonna to arrive things outside became more hectic they kept telling the press/photographers to go here then there so we kept following them since they would be where Madonna was to arrive.
Eventually they made everyone who wasn't media go around barricades so me and my friend decided to go inside Macy's because the store has several floors and Madonna was going to be on the 4th Floor so people where allowed up there to shop who didn't have passes. The part where Madonna was going to be at was set up like a Club/Lounge with a stage and in the middle that had a couch on it. You could see inside the sectioned off part when people would go in and out of there because there where curtains covering it from customers to look in.
Once I got inside it was amazing. There were models dancing on platforms modeling clothing from the clothing line. It seemed to take forever for Madonna to get there and to get in but well worth it! It seemed like everyone was there, some of Madonna's dancers were there, Carlos Leon, Lourdes, Gina Brooke, Liz Rosenberg, Guy Oseary, Taylor Momsen, Ingrid Casares and Rocco. It was very casual, it seemed like an after party of an event or something there was a VIP section where some of them where at that was very accesible to anyone who was in there that was so cool!
Madonna entered on the left hand side with Lourdes where the VIP section was it was so easy to see her which was so cool to us fans who were on that side. Madonna spoke and then the dance off took place as Madonna and her people watched from on stage. Madonna sat on the couch. The party was catered and had things like sushi and mini-desserts, as well as mocktails.
Madonna THANK YOU for an amazing night and please do more things like this for us fans we love you!


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