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Adam Ant on Madonna



AA: “…And there’d be no Gaga without Madonna so let’s put it in ***CENSORED*** perspective…”

I: I love Lady Gaga, though. You talk about dressing up, and she’s the only person right now really doing that…

AA: “Yeah she’s good, but Madge was doing that when I was doing it, you know? I saw Madonna outside the Music Machine before she even made it. I was doing a gig with the band in like ’79. There was this chick outside from New York going ‘I’m going to be a star’ and it was her! And she’s got some ***CENSORED*** balls you know? She’s done as much as Dietrich did for ***CENSORED*** Hollywood stars. She’s gone in and said ‘Alright. I’ve been raped. Someone ***CENSORED*** stuck his dick in my gob in a back alley. I got up from that and I went in there and I had a big fight. And I won.’ She ***CENSORED*** won, good luck to the woman. You know? And Gaga, great. Nice girl. What can I say. Because I know how hard it is to dress different every time. I do try to wear something different at all those gigs you see me at, but it’s hard. You’ve got to buy something every ***CENSORED*** day. I understand Gaga because she’s intelligent, good media worker, very good songwriter – almost kind of classical. She interests me. But Lily Allen is the best ***CENSORED*** lyricist in the last decade. That ‘Oh and I lie here in the wet patch/in the middle of the bed…’ I mean, I wish I’d ***CENSORED*** written that.”


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