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Did you know it?
In the history of the MTV Video Music Awards, no artist has taken home more Moonmen than Madonna.
She has taken home a grand total of 20 Video Music Awards across her illustrious career.
On this day in 1998, she scored six prizes in one night, including her only win for Video of the Year (for “Ray of Light,” which won five; she got one more for “Frozen”).


One of the most anticipated performers at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday is Florence and The Machine.
She recently gave an interview and mentioned Madonna in the process…

“We have been looking at past VMA performances to get some inspiration, and hands-down my favorite is Madonna performing “Like A Virgin”.
It is so amazing.
There are no dancers, no nothing.
It is just incredible.”


Madonna takes the subway and all the tabloids are getting crazy…
Take a closer look at the 2nd picture, Madonna seems to have 3 arms…
One can wonder if those pics were doctored or something?

Madonna takes the subway in New York 01
Madonna takes the subway in New York 02


New MDG pic from InStyle

MDG ad for InStyle magazine


Website Popsugar.tv chose to celebrate the MTV Video Music Awards ‘10 by putting together a video about their favorite performances in the past years.
Madonna is, of course, included… (Thanks to Kat)
Check it out…



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