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Madonna sista'



Well, here i am once again putting some news histories of my life.. this one was a long time ago but i couldn't share it with all of you b4.. 

Some day i was listening madge's music (as usual) at my computer.. and singing it out louddd.. my sister said: "Damn, let that woman's music and body rest for only 10 minutes?" and i said her back: "No she doesn't rest, we all love her, in fact she is more famous, beautiful, and powerful than miley cyrus.. ahh! also she have sold thousand millions of records, dvd's etc" she was like :o and normally she went upstairs.. 

when i left the pc i was to her room to ask her something.. and i see a notebook.. for curiosity i opened it.. what i saw really block my mind.. she was writing an assignment about "music influences" and she made a list:

1)Miley cyrus




i was like damn! she likes her music! and i asked her she told me this: "i love her songs.. (: i was just trying to get you pissed off.. hahaha LOL! still i think she's ugly HAHAHAHA"

i kicked her ass back saying: "ugly but yummy" hahahahaha

whatddaya think?


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