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P-I archives: Madonna's debut concert tour started here

Today from the Seattlepi.com archives, we share articles from April 1985 telling a little-known fact: Madonna started her debut concert tour at Seattle's Paramount Theater.

Before the April 10 debut, Madonna had played New York clubs and performced with Prince in Los Angeles. But that first performance on a Wednesday night in Seattle was the start of her major concert dates.

Madonna played three shows in Seattle, April 10, 12 and 13. The Beastie Boys were her opening act, but had each song followed by boos. Their 30-minute set got off to a bad start when one declared himself King of the Paramount, and generally made the pro-Madonna audience feel like a swarm of hillbillies, P-I pop music critic Gene Stout wrote in his review.

The Beastie Boys' performance was more than a year before "License To Ill" was released.

Some fans waited by the Paramount back entrance to greet Madonna, who arrived in a black limousine.

"Dressed in what looked like a Boy George outfit, she looked reluctant, almost scared, and kept her eyes on the ground as she and her small entourage swept past a modest gathering of fans," Stout wrote.

Madonna started the show with "Dress You Up," followed with "Holiday," and ended with "Material Girl," according to a Wikipedia page about the tour.


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