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"Get Madonna and Liz on Oprah's final season"



MADONNA FANS UNITE FOR ONE LAST OPRAH INTERVIEW - MADONNA & LIZ ROSENBERG !! Today at 10:58pm WE ARE UNITING AND UNITED, A COLLECTIVE SOUL, A COLLECTIVE GROUP OF SOULS. WE LEAD THE #1 FANBASE FOR MADONNA. THIS YEAR AND OUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT. WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND EVERY LITTLE THING THAT WE DO TOGETHER WITHIN HTTP://FACEBOOK.COM/MADONNARADIO AND HTTP://MADONNARADIO.COM/ LEADS THE #1 FAN-BASE IN THE WORLD. WORDS FROM K4EVERYONE That is the power of a collective group. When we are one with a group of MADONNISTS, a collective group of people who share the same vision and come from the same purpose and try to love each other, then because of that force of unity – through our effort and the one unified soul and receiving the efforts of others – our own effort will be amplified and the rewards will be tenfold, if not more, as a result. That is the reason why we would like to be together as a group, sharing that consciousness with so many other people who have the same vision. In the place of unity, our negativity becomes concealed. In the place of unity, every little positivity becomes accentuated. Please join "Get Madonna and Liz on Oprah's final season" This is the last time Oprah's dynasty will interview our queen. just join (or 'like') this group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120280754680810 This is the final curtain call for this dynasty. If you're outside of the USA, please understand that Oprah Winfrey created the interview talkshow 25 years ago and is #1, the shaker and mover for the USA. There's no one else like her in the world, there's no one else like Madonna in the world. Please help get Madonna and Liz on her show, her final show. Show your support ! Thank you, Voila madonnaradio.com


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