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Polemic Clips



Madonna - Like A Prayer

A clip as controversial as famous, Like A Prayer Madonna is the oldest of our list.


Directed by Mary Lambert, Like A Prayer won awards and critical. His religious references bothered many people, but the overall work Like A Prayer also became one of the greatest of his time.


The clip got the first position of the 100 videos that broke rules, "list created by MTV. Already the VH1 Like A Prayer considered the second best video in history, behind only Thriller, Michael Jackson.


The clip has generated much controversy at the time of its release (1989), because some people made a misreading of its elements. In the video, Madonna prays to a black saint (St. Martin de Porres), kisses the picture that cries and comes to life.


Many people interpreted the image of Saint Martin de Porres like a black version of Jesus Christ. Because of this, many criticized the passage in which the holy kiss Madonna.


  • M.I.A. - Born Free

The singer is M.I.A. is controversial, and everybody knows it. However, she returned this year showing that he can always surprise your audience.


The video for the song Born Free is the latest in this list and by no means the least controversial. Perhaps, one of the most. Both the work of French director, Romain Gavras, brings several metaphors policies, but nonetheless was well received.


To get an idea, Born Free came to be excluded from the Youtube video channel and is now part of the content released only to consenting adults.


And why the clip M.I.A. is considered so controversial? The scenes of violence speaks for itself. Teenagers are killed by the police and stepping on mines. Everything is shown without cuts.


For many people, Born Free extrapolates the use of violence. One of the young actors 'dead' in the video, came out in defense of the singer to talk about the clip that "shows violence to end violence."



  • Lady Gaga - Alejandro

 The new and perhaps larger phenomenon of pop music in recent years, Lady Gaga has been focusing its forces in their latest video clips from the album "The Fame Monster."


So with the song Telephone (feat. Beyoncé), a short about 10 minutes to set a new standard for the overproduction of music videos today.


Now, with Alejandro, betting on strong images to create a new controversy: your clip is innovative or just overrated?


The mention of religious symbols in some scenes left many people uncomfortable. Less than 24 hours after the release of Alejandro, his director Steven Klein was quick to explain some scenes. In an interview, he said the religious symbolism did not bring anything negative, but only a representation of the character of the battle between dark forces and the salvation of his soul.


Well, that explains a lot, it is undeniable even to the director that some scenes are sensual content, too much of the bill. No wonder that Lady Gaga now has another trophy to his collection: the most controversial music video of 2010.



  • Marilyn Manson - (s)Aint

We could include the name of Marilyn Manson in the list of the most controversial music videos just for his body of work, full of titles that either have been criticized by sectors of society for their messages or banned schedules, music channels because of strong images.


But we have to choose a clip to represent that all work must Manson controversial. And great was the chosen song (s) IS NOT, the year 2003.


Before watching the clip, we could summarize it for you with the following information: there are scenes with drugs, self-mutilation, nudity and sex. That is, of course (s) IS NOT is not a lighter one of the clips you can watch.


To get an idea of censorship that the clip suffered after being banned in the United States, the group released a "behaved" for the tv


However, Marilyn Manson did not desist from uncut show the work to its audience and with the release of the compilation "Lest We Forget", released a DVD extra with the version without any censorship (s) IS NOT. But one important detail worth mentioning: this version could be bought only at the site of Marilyn Manson.


  • Nine Inch Nails - Closer

For the history of the band, few clips were so influential to success as it has for the Closer Nine Inch Nails. The group drew much attention at the time with this video, which would come on television had cut several images.


Closer is one of those rare cases that song and clip are confused, because it is difficult to imagine the song without his strong scenes.


Even frontman Trent Reznor made a comment that reinforces this idea. "The hardest thing happened: the song sounded better to me, watching the video. And the music is mine."


Closer refers to the most diverse subjects: religion, sexuality, terror, etc.. However, some images stand out more in this clip.


The nude scenes have references to sadomasochism, and a very controversial passage: a naked woman wears a mask with a crucifix. At other times, we see a monkey tied to a crucifix and all shot like a true horror movie.





  • Pearl Jam - Jeremy

Some videos may be controversial, but none the less gain recognition for the problem arising. This is the case with Jeremy, hit '90s band Pearl Jam music video with her and raised the debate about the "bullying" (English term for acts of violence by a group against a person) in schools.


And the song clip summarizes what might be the consequence of this problem still present, with the "bullying" over the Internet.


At the climax of the video, the character "Jeremy" throws against his mouth in front of their classmates and then is shown a still picture of the students covered in blood.


Even with such a strong scene, the clip was directed by Mark Pellington prize winner, especially for the MTV Music Awards, which took the awards for "Best Video of the Year, Best Group Video, Best Video Metal / Hard Rock and "Best Director".



  • Rammstein - Pussy


The music video of Pussy could very well be found in the section of erotic movies from any online store or video store. The scenes of the recent single by German band Rammstein are clear and straightforward: as shown playing with latex clothes, the band are also shown in several sex scenes. But in these scenes they were replaced by body doubles.


As might be expected, the censored version had deleted the images of sex, but still manages to keep the erotic atmosphere.


One thing is fact: you can not call the group of inconsistent German, since the lyrics of Pussy (English slang for "vagina") talks openly about sex.


And as it would be different, partly because all this promotion generated by the video of Pussy, a Rammstein clinched first place in the singles chart in Germany.



  • Robbie Williams "Rock DJ"

The British summer of 2000 was not the same after the release of the single Rock DJ, Robbie Williams.


But rather than draw attention to the general public with their melodies, the new single featured a clip that shocked many people and so was taken off the air on many channels.


In the video, Williams tries to call the attention of Dj making a strip tease. However, after taking all his clothes, the singer begins to take his own skin, muscles, yet it left only its skeleton. While in Europe the majority of channels banned the video, it took courage to show it, did it with edited versions.


To get an idea of the impact of the clip, he gained notoriety even in the United States, where Robbie Williams had not even released the single. Perhaps for that reason, Rock DJ is joined on the Billboard charts and is today one of his biggest hits.



  • The Prodigy - Smack My Bicht Up


We can summarize the clip from the electronic group The Prodigy with the following elements: sex, drugs and violence. All filmed in the perception of first person as if the viewer was the character who lives all this.


For some a brilliant idea. For others exaggerated, sinning in excess. Anyway, there is no doubt that Smack My ***CENSORED*** Up is one of the most controversial clips from 90 years and deserves a special place in our.


The video directed by Jonas Åkerlund brings in its original form, images of violence and drug use, which were later edited.


What's more, the video features a surprise ending for those who watch it. The character takes a stripper home and have relations with her. But when he looks in the mirror, we see that this is a woman.



  • The Strokes - Juicebox


The group The Strokes surprised his audience with the music video for Juicebox. Always behaved and clips with a little history and always showing the band playing, this time the New Yorkers decided to innovate.


The music may not be one of the most famous of the group, but received even more attention by music video that premiered calling enough attention.


By Juicebox, we have explicit sex scenes and between the same sex. The video directed by Michael Palmieri eventually had to be edited and then go on television.


After the release of the Juicebox music channels, Palmieri wasted no time and unleashed criticism. One target was the MTV of the United States and its original complaint to the clip.


font: www.vagalume.com.br/especiais/os-10-clipes-polemicos.html




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