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by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Madonna was wearing a Vanessa Tugendhaft bracelet at her birthday party.

Vanessa Tugendhaft won the award for Designer of the Year 2010.


Actress Marilyn Monroe has been voted the greatest blonde of all time by OnePoll.com, an online market research company. Madonna came at #11.

Check the top 20 Greatest Blondes of all time:

1. Marilyn Monroe

2. Grace Kelly

3. Brigitte Bardot

4. Cameron Diaz

5. Holly Willoughby

6. Joanna Lumley

7. Scarlett Johansson

8. Stevie Nicks

9. Olivia Newton-John

10. Debbie Harry

11. Madonna

12. Doris Day

13. Goldie Hawn

14. Gwen Stefani

15. Denise Van Outen

16. Barbara Windsor

17. Honor Blackman

18. Tess Daly

19. Charlize Theron

20. Paris Hilton


Britain’s Got Talent is being sued for £250,000 by a Madonna impersonator claiming Simon Cowell’s jibes have ruined his life. Philip Grimmer, who reached the semi-finals this year, accuses the show of discrimination over a disability and the fact that he was introduced as a drag queen.

The 57-year-old gyrated to Madonna’s dance track Hung Up in a purple leotard, knee-high boots and blonde wig.

Cowell called him a ‘hard of hearing and short-sighted Madonna’. Mr Grimmer is partially deaf and short sighted. Cowell also said the act was ‘monstrous’ and ‘ horrendous’ , adding: ‘Madonna at 95 would look better and dance better than you.’

Philip Grimmer as Madonna on Britain's Got Talent


Never tired of trying to make Madonna look like a heartless monster, the British tabloïds are now pretending that Madonna sees her kids by appointment.

According to the Daily Mail, the star’s children must make an “appointment” to see her which is scheduled in “15-minute slots”.

A source said: “There are no short cuts to being Madonna, she likes to declare. It’s all about hard work.”


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Thanks to Aisling Tierney


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