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Madonna to Audition Dancers for Material Girl Launch Party!



Madonna to Audition Dancers for Material Girl Launch Party!

by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Professional dancers will have the opportunity to audition Thursday at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC for a chance to be a part of the launch of pop queen Madonna’s fashion line, Material Girl.

Each dancer will only have one minute to impress a panel of judges. Judging the dancers’ skills in the preliminary rounds will be: Madonna’s lead dancer Leroy “Hypnosis” Barnes, Dari Marder (Chief Marketing Officer of Material Girl), and Adam Moon, Macy’s Fashion Director.

Once Madonna’s judges narrow the finalists down to twenty, ten performers will be handpicked by Madonna herself!

Do you have what it takes to dance at Madonna’s party? Go to the audition!

Do you live too far from the Big Apple? Visit youtube.com/materialgirlcolp to learn how to upload your dance audition!

The Material Girl website announces that the public will also be involved:

One live audition will be held in NYC at Broadway Dance Center, 322 West 45th Street, 3rd Floor on Thursday, August 26, 2010 from 8:30am to 11:30am. The first qualified dancers will be entered for a chance to win! Live auditions will be videotaped and also uploaded on YouTube.

The public will vote for the top 20 dancers and 10 will be chosen by Madonna herself.

Have a look at the flyer…

The flyer for the Madonna auditions for the launch party of the  Macy's Material Girl clothing line


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