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A sort of sick thing I do



Since I am a spanko, I have a fascination with the female bottom. I like regard a well-formed woman´s bottom as being her sexiest asset (sorry for the pun). I like to refer to my own wife´s beautiful bum as the "crown of creation". I do not believe in Platonic love. Love has to have a physical component, and the physical component is almost as important as the spiritual dito.

The above is the reason for a sort of sick thing that I like to do every once in a while. Sometimes when I am sitting in front of my computer and have time on my hands, I do a search on the term "Madonna´s buttocks"! The search invariably results in a number of collections of photos of Madonna, taken at her concerts by her fans. The photos feature Madonnas beautiful derriere! I love to gaze at those photos and dream. Isn´t that a sick habit of mine? But then again, how many red-blooded males are there who *aren´t* fascinated by Madonna´s wonderful, firm, fleshy, behind? All that exercising that Madonna does has paid off in a concrete way!

In case you are wondering just why I am fascinated with Madge´s adorable booty, see my next post - "In Case You Are Wondering".


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