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Celebrating M



NEWS - Celebrating M’s Birthday with Raising Malawi

Celebrating M’s Birthday with Raising Malawi

by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Raising Malawi website published this email from executive director Philippe van den Bossche with a special message for Madonna’s birthday:

Dear Friend, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Today is Madonna’s birthday - and you can help her celebrate.

It was just over seven years ago that Madonna decided to shine a spotlight on a little-known African country named Malawi. Since then, she has given so much of herself to this cause, and her life has taken on a new purpose.

Madonna’s dedication to the 2 million orphaned and vulnerable children of Malawi has inspired me to change my life in so many ways. So this year, for her birthday, I wanted to honor her by saying, “Thank you.”

Join me in sharing a birthday message with Madonna now:


We are currently developing a project very close to Madonna’s heart - the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls. As we laid the first bricks at the academy just months ago, Madonna said how much it meant to her that what started as a personal endeavor has captured the hearts of so many of you around the world.

Your care for the children of Malawi has already been a tremendous gift to Madonna. I know the one thing that would make her happiest on her birthday would be to hear why you share her commitment to Raising Malawi.

Celebrate Madonna’s birthday by sharing a message now:



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