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Last week, UK newspaper Daily Mail published some quotes about Madonna from Rupert Everett’s autobiography like it’s some fresh news. www.absolumentmadonna.fr
Those were already mentioned on AbMad, on Dec 2009!
Here and here...


Many Madonna fansites are mentioning an increase of Macy’s sales during July
Like before the Material Girl line went instore…


It seems even newspapers have been hit by the financial crisis…

Italian newspaper La Stampa mentions that Arthur Fogel would have said that…
“In 2012, Madonna will return with new disc.”

We simply don’t believe any of it.
Guy Oseary said that Madonna will be back to record a new album right after she finishes shooting her movie, so a fall 2011 release is much more likely.

Another BS rumour..
Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã claims that Live Nation has confirmed Madonna will be touring in 2011, without a new album.


According to Falguni and Shane Peacock, Madonna is to be wearing a special dress made by the Indian designers, for her upcoming birthday
“Yes, we are doing a dress for Madonna. We were approached by her stylist, who wanted us to design the dresses in black, which is also Madonna’s favourite colour,”


Madonna’s new line for teens has many in an uproar.
She has been accused of ’sexualizing’ teenage girls.
Professionals believe these images can lead to anorexia and depression.
It’s called fashion, people!


Madonna has borrowed Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s brand new superyacht while filming W.E., in the South of France.

Russian borrows oligarch Roman Abramovich's brand new superyacht


English television presenter Anthea Turner did her “Sorry” version of Madonna in a leotard during her Confessions days. She said…
“I’m getting quite comfortable dressing up as Madonna. I think she’s amazing and it’s great to be able to try on someone else’s wardrobe for a day.”

Anthea Turner does her 'Sorry' version of Madonna


M.I.A is a huge Madonna fan and has probably been inspired by her for the teasers of her upcoming single XXXO.
The teasers feature some clips from “Green Pink Caviar” by Marilyn Minter, which have been used by Madonna during her Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 for the Candy Shop backdrop.


CNN is currently having a poll where you can vote for your top five most iconic musicians.
Of course, Madonna is one of the candidates and here’s what they write:

The most influential female artist and performer of the past quarter-century, Madonna Louise Ciccone has consistently kept pace with popular culture through constant reinvention and sheer nous. Lady Gaga, producers of blonde hair dye, tabloid editors - you all owe her big time.

To vote…


What happens when the English press tries to recreate AbMad’s GagaDonna concept
And people are still having doubts after this…

Gagadonna in the British press


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