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True Blue Friends



There are various types of friendships. Some have great depth and longevity and some are short-lived and somewhat superficial. Each friendship can serve a purpose in our lives--some just for fun and some offering much more. The real treasure is the kindred spirit who walks beside you and between the two of you, a meaningful friendship is formed.

The Differences in Fake Friends Versus Real Friends

Fake: Asks for favors often, but never offers to do favors for you. In fact, they may refuse or feel burdened if they do anything for you

Real: Will offer to help before you even ask and if you do ask, they help out, willingly and without resentment

Fake: Talks about you behind your back
Real: If they have a problem with you, they discuss it, face to face, and in a respectful and mature manner.

Fake: One-dimensional. They see only their needs and is oblivious to needs of others. They often use you as a sounding board and you rarely get a word in.
Real: They are in-tune enough to sense your pain, your needs and are supportive. They are the type who listens attentively and with concern and interest. Each of you will have your time to vent and be heard. It won't be one-sided as it is with a fake friend.

Fake: Full of excuses for why they have no time for you - often only coming around when they want something and that something isn't YOU

Real: Wants to make time for you because they genuinely enjoy being with you and "choose" to nurture the friendship

Fake: Their actions don't back up their words. Promises are often broken and you can't trust much of what they say or do. You never really get to know who they are because they wear a mask of deception.
Real: Their actions are proportionate to their words, instilling trust and dependability. They are the first person you think of where trust is concerned. You know them in depth because they have opened up in a way that allows you to know and trust them.

Fake: Makes fun of your imperfections, passing their words off as a joke

Real: Overlooks your imperfections and if you choose to improve yourself, they are encouraging and supportive. They may even join in.

Fake: Will try to lead you down a destructive path
Real: Will encourage you to go down a constructive path. They will be by your side as you do.

Fake: Will drain your energy dry, often causing you stress in their presence.
Real: Will enhance your energy and make you feel more alive.

Fake: Asks to borrow money often and never pays you back

Real: Only asks to borrow money if it's a true need and always pays back in a prompt manner. Willing to lend you money, if need be

Fake: Cuts you down quite frequently. You begin to wonder if they are jealous or very insecure.
Real: Builds you up and acknowledges your accomplishments, no matter how small. They are happy about good things happening to you as if they were happening to them. They aren't jealous, but encouraging.

Fake: You feel like running from

Real: You feel like running to

Nurture your "true" friendships. As a rose withers and dies, without being tended to, so does a friendship.


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