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"In 2012, Madonna is back with a new disc."



Arthur Fogel, president of Live Nation, gave an interview to the Italian magazineLa Stampa about the little crisis suffered by the "live" yet, with a drop in attendance.


He talked about the successes and failures of various major artists in the world after the decline in record sales, there is now declining ticket sales for concerts ..For him, there may be too tender or too high a price but in 30 years the industry"live" has undergone several small crises of this kind.



When asked about the future, he mentions Madonna: 


"In 2012, Madonna is back with a new disc."


There would be four years from Hard Candy and the new album from Queen of Pop, exactly the same between 1994 Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light in 1998. Note that during these four years there was Something to Remember in 1995 and Evita in 1996. Since Hard Candy in 2008, we hadCelebration in 2009, and 2010 MADONNA is filming WE


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