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Dear Madonna



Dear Madonna,

                I doubt you are actually reading this personally, but I have to say that if you are it is a sincere pleasure that you are hearing my words. As long as I can remember - since being young (around four years old)  - my parents would play the Immaculate Collection over and over on our stereo system. Vogue was a song I grew up with. I didn’t think much of it at the time, jus that the rhythm was embedded into my life.

                My parents went through divorce, and I grew to live with that at a young age, but when I reached my teens I re-discovered you and remember how much fun I had and how much I loved your music. I grew to listen to every song and every album religiously. Eventually, I grew to realize who you are and what you stand for and everything you believe in and the messages you try to reach to everyone. Your determination and ambition has grown within me and made me what I am today.

                I moved to Toronto on my own – the biggest city in Canada, and comparable to New York, the hardest place to make it young – and use you as my inspiration to make something of myself. I have envied you, and thought of you as a role model for at least a decade – and I know I need to make something of myself – but you are what raised me from that young kid listening to your music and growing up with your voice to who I am today. Maybe it is part of a psychological way of life, listening to music and learning something from someone you don’t know. But it is sincerely an aspiration of mine to rule the world and be everything I can possibly reach out to be – because of you.

                I don’t wish to put you on a pedestal or admire you like some crazed fan, but you must know that everything you have stood for; women’s rights, sexuality, fame and fortune, being an individual, freedom, expression, and most important... sense of self,  is what I believe in also. I do not know where I am heading in this world, but I can only hope to be something some day, and make it at whatever it is I find myself good at.

                Your Italian roots, your ignorance of age, your defining changes in your career, and especially your way with causing controversy is what I love most; please keep doing what you’re doing and never stop until physically possible. You are an inspiration to many – or at least me – and I admire all that you have done and created in the last twenty years or so. Please keep directing, singing, recording, traveling, speaking your mind, and most importantly – dancing.

                My first concert with you was in October of 2008, for the Sticky and Sweet tour in Boston, and it was everything and more than I expected. You were witty, full of drive and energy, and doing what you do best.  I can only hope this reaches you, and that you know there is one soul that will always love everything you do.  Thank you so much,

Ciao Bella,

Brad McCrea, Toronto, Canada


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