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Liz Smith dishes with Madonna about her new project



NEWS - Liz Smith dishes with Madonna about her new project

Liz Smith dishes with Madonna about her new project

by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Liz Smith recently published a video related to a conversation she had with Madonna about her new movie…

Here’s the content… www.absolumentmadonna.fr

I told you a long time ago, that Madonna was going to write and direct a movie of her own called W.E., which means Wallis and Edward. It’s about the American Wallis Simpson who married Edward VIII and he advocated from the British thrown because of her. And I also told you that Madonna was making the Wallis Simpson character very sympathetic, which enrages the British. They’re just furious.

Well, now Madonna is already in London shooting this film.

So, I contacted her and asked her a few questions and I want to read you her reply.

“Oh my God, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. All cylinders of my brain are working 24/7. Non stop work.

Decisions, dreaming, scheming, channeling. I hope I get it right.

Thanks for asking.”

Well, I also asked her what Madonna thinks about Lady Gaga’s new video. This is a video that looked very much like the five videos Madonna has made.

Well she didn’t comment, she didn’t answer me.

No trashing fellow artists.

Madonna is really getting grown up.


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