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She's Madonna - 25 years of Live Aid




For InspirationTwenty-five years ago today the world was exposed to Madonna, invading tv sets worldwide with the three song performance at Live Aid.

It was 1985, she was hot, she had her Like a Virgin album out in stores and she was touring the US with her Virgin Tour. She was a hot sensation in the US but with Live Aid her early international fans had the chance for the first time to see her dancing and singing live and it was also a chance for her to be introduced to audiences in the world that barely knew who she was.

It was 1985 and it was a hard time for fans, with no Mp3, no Internet, with VHS video recorders that were just starting to pop up in homes, there was no other way to relieve the magic and uniqueness of such events than relying to vinyl bootleg records.

And for a long time the only way to re-listen to Madonna's Live Aid performance (including the only time she performed live the song Love Makes The World Go Round) was this bootleg picture disc shown below.

Produced in the United Kingdom by Gambler Music London and titled She's Madonna this bootleg used a radio recording of the Madonna live set; this picture disc was very sought after for the whole late 80's and 90's. To celebrate the Live Aid anniversary today we would like really look back at this particular record, manifactured in a time when emotions used to run through vinyl grooves.

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