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Kylie on Madonna



You look great in your new video. Do you have a specific workout or a diet routine?
work out very sporadically. I see [people like] Madonna and Gwyneth [Paltrow] and I just go, wow! First, I don’t know how [they] find the time, and second, that’s dedication. I don’t have that in me. My boyfriend likes to go to the gym. He’s always asking me to go, but I always tell him I have other things [to do].

Going back to Madonna for a minute, she has given you props before. Are you guys friends?
We have mutual friends and I’ll get a message — “Madonna says hi” — or I’ll send one to her, but we haven’t really connected. I’m sure that will happen one day just randomly. I’ve got the utmost respect and admiration for her, she’s a legend. So to be in the same kind of stratosphere as her is amazing. I mean, I was there with my white scrubs on [at her concert] when I was 14!

Madonna had a Glee episode dedicated to her. Would you want a Kylie Glee episode?
(Laughing) Yeah. Of course!

US Magazine


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