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Capricorn July 2010 for Astrology Zone



By Susan Miller



As you open your eyes in July, you may lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what could have possibly happened to create so much dramatic change over the past six months. If the first part of this year is a blur, you are not alone. We are now in the middle of eclipse season, and the ones barreling up the coast are in Cancer and your sign, Capricorn.


Eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer guarantee you and your partner would be at the heart of all that is happening. If you have no romantic or business partner, you need to watch your health, as you may need to have a doctor's help to tweak a part of you to feel like yourself again.


Avoiding issues this month won't work. There is no way around these cosmic storms other than to ride right through them and try to get out and on the other side as best you can. Fortunately, the eclipse due on July 11 will be warm, friendly, and very helpful, and not at all like its evil twin that arrived last month on June 26.


If you feel as through your life has been picked up by a tornado and is still spinning in space, that would be about right, especially if you have a December birthday. Eclipses don't mess around. They are very clear and forceful in their insistence that you pay attention to what is happening. Usually the catalyst to the news an eclipse will bring will be something very small - an offhand comment, a sent email copied to the wrong person, an outside event - you get the idea. It is usually something that you'd never expect to have the power to create a chain of events that can only be compared to a nuclear meltdown.


Eclipses look for weak links. If they can't find any, they won't hurt you. They either create very happy events or very bad ones - there seems to be no middle ground. I am focusing on their down side here in your report because you won't have to plan or adjust to really happy news! That's easy to take, and you'll say, "Bring it on!"


If your birthday falls in January, mathematically, the June 26 eclipse may have been too far away for you to notice any changes. The exception would be if you had any planets in a cardinal sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, or Libra) near 5 degrees. Larry King is a Scorpio, but the eclipse hit his natal birth Mars in Capricorn (found at 5 degrees), and he instantly announced that he is retiring from his career as a talk-show host. That was a major change! As you see, if you are not born at the time I say, you can still feel an eclipse if you have planets that are touched. Also, if you were born when I suggest, then the time an eclipse may "hit" could extend quite a long time - six months or more.


Events at the end of June were tied to those that came up for discussion on New Year's Eve, or even a month earlier, in November 2009. Now the second eclipse will come by and continue the talks you had in January.


Eclipses always come in pairs, two weeks apart, as a full moon and new moon, but will come packed with the strength of three full or new moons rolled into one. The first was a full moon eclipse in Capricorn, June 26, and was a bit of a monster because the moon angrily lashed out at several of the heavy-hitters of the planetary lineup, notably Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. The saying goes, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and you could say the same of a lunar full moon eclipse. They can be downright wicked.


This month's solar new moon eclipse is soft and gentle by comparison. It will emphasize your partnerships and even those who compete with or oppose you (say, the other side in a court case) as well as those who are trying to partner and help you. (Yes, astrology can get a bit complex, but go with me on this.) This eclipse is due to arrive in your opposite sign of Cancer on July 11. This one will promote reason and objectivity in your talks with serious partners or adversaries, and for that you will be grateful. Without the drama of last month, you will be able to find areas of agreement and proceed in a civil manner.


The job of an eclipse is to 1) provide full disclosure, 2) give a big push to create change, and 3) to pull you out of situations that have deteriorated so that you can get back on a happier, more productive path. An eclipse will shake you out of complacency, awaken you from denial, and energize you toward a solution. You cannot ignore an eclipse. Indeed, eclipses are the most dramatic tools the universe uses to create change. When you study them over time, as I have, it's clear that the universe wants us to use our time well on earth.


If you are a December-born Capricorn, the June 26 eclipse marked an ending, but it was probably not the ending you had in mind. Eclipses are non-negotiable, but this one seemed more stubborn than most. As a Capricorn, you hold your feelings in because you don't like public displays of emotion, but even you had to fight back the signs of sadness, frustration, or loss.


Eclipses are cleansing and detoxifying, so even if the eclipse last month was painful (not saying it was, but if so), you will come away with a better picture of who you are and what you want to happen next. Now, armed with a new and more accurate updated vision of yourself, you can plan with greater certainty. We often don't take the time to think about the long view ahead, but that is precisely what a full moon eclipse in Capricorn would ask you to do as you move from one way of life to another.


Now the new moon solar eclipse of July 11 will open up a whole new era for your partnerships. You can now make agreements and negotiate terms that could be better than the ones that were put on the table last month. You can make agreements with new partners, or at least partially mend a fence with a soon-to-be ex. Things have calmed down considerably, and you will be thankful for that.


This eclipse sends a beautiful vibration to Jupiter and Uranus in your house of home, so if you will be moving, you will be very fortunate to find a perfect location. Truly, real estate matters shine more brightly than diamonds in the Sun. You are very fortunate in all aspects of real estate, from leasing to buying or to selling, so don't settle - get what you want. Mars will be well angled too, so you may decide to take a long trip, possibly overseas, to clear your mind of concerns.


If you were born on or near January 9, you will feel this second eclipse more powerfully than those Capricorns born at other times of the month.


This month is important for another reason. Your ruling planet, Saturn, will move from Virgo to Libra, setting off massive changes in your career. The shifts won't be sudden but very gradual, but in a few years, you may find yourself in a very different place, and enjoying the change.


When Saturn enters a new house of the horoscope like he is now (your house of fame and reputation, as well as career success), he brings with him the promise of growth. Soon you will work toward materializing a new career goal, one that will carry you three decades into the future. Make no mistake, you will work very, very hard, and there will be no instant gratification, but by October 2012 you will be very proud of all you achieved. Still, you must be very cognizant of your image and keep it polished and professional - your profile in your industry will be very high.


Choosing which way to go in your career may take some meditation. Don't rush the process. On July 26, you will see the last opposition of Saturn, your ruler, to Uranus, a tense aspect, making you possibly want to revise some of your thinking about career. You may also have to decide where to live, as that might also be in flux. These are big questions. With Mars opposing Uranus, too, on July 30, and Saturn conjunct Mars on July 31, you may be at once angry and depressed over a disagreement about money, real estate, or another issue involving resources. Take a deep breath, dear Capricorn.


With Saturn soon to exit out of your ninth house on July 21, you stand to have better relations with in-laws and distant relatives, as well as with officials in academia and in foreign countries. If any of these areas or people were hot spots for you (and looking at your chart, it seems so), then you can feel relieved that each will simmer down to normal levels almost instantly.


A monetary deal seems to be ready to be finalized, much to your satisfaction, on the excellent full moon, July 25. Again, this full moon is brimming with good luck, for Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars will stand by like helpful little butlers, eager to make sure your every wish is catered to. You have Pluto in Capricorn, so if you are an early-born Capricorn (with a December birthday), try not to come across too strong, since intimidating the other side won't be in your interest. You seem to need their support, so a light touch will win the day.





Years when eclipses fall in your sign and your opposite sign of Cancer are never easy. You've been dealing with plenty of surprising news and shifts since this series of eclipses first began in July 2009. Two appeared then, and two more eclipses came by on New Year's Eve and in January 2010. Now another pair of eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn is back. You felt the first on June 26, plus or minus five days, and that one was to be the hardest one in the whole series. Your closest relationship will now be tested. Any elements in your life that are not firmly bolted to the floor will instantly flap off and fly out the window at eclipse time.


It's always disconcerting when people and elements in life that we assumed were permanent prove not to be. For that reason, the June 26 eclipse may have proven to be a difficult point of the year, and as you enter July you will still be dealing with all the issues that came up before.


Last month's eclipse was in Capricorn, so you began to see what you really wanted in life.


This next one due July 11 will light your partnership area in Cancer. If your relationship is strong, you'll know that to be true, but if it is not, you will have to decide what to do about it. It takes two to tango, so both of you will need to be on the same page. These eclipses are strong, so if you leave, it is unlikely you will mend things later - eclipses have a finality about them that is undeniable. Should that happen, be philosophical. Not all relationships are meant to endure. In the meantime, you may need to negotiate a settlement, and if so, with the Sun in Cancer, your opposite sign, it's clear your significant other has the upper hand. Don't even try to gain control - it won't be possible, for that's not the natural order of things this month. You will get further by being cooperative and conciliatory than you will by being demanding or difficult.


Through July, take very good care of your health. Sometimes an eclipse will show up a problem in your mind-body-spirit (or teeth) that needs attention. See a doctor or dentist and you'll be on your way to feeling better.


There'll be money questions or actions you'll need to take too, and those will come up on July 25, the full moon, plus or minus four days. If you need to lease or buy a house, you will be ready to sign papers. Real estate opportunities sparkle for you thanks to the rare presence of Jupiter in your house of home and residence. You'll enjoy enormous family support too, so if you need help - even on a financial level - ask for it.


Mars will be moving through your long distance travel house until July 28, so if you are hoping for a vacation, see if you can go now.


Your career will catch fire once Mars moves into your tenth house of fame and honors on July 29 until September 14, so that phase will represent your most important time this year for impressing VIPs of your credentials for a new position. You won't be able to leave your desk in August or for the first half of September, for too much will be going on that you won't want to miss. You'd best not book a trip, for you'd later regret not being back home when so much was going on.


On top of that, Saturn, your ruling planet, will move into your house of honors, too, a clear signal that between now and October 2012, a period of two years, you will be groomed for more responsibility and a position of leadership. The coming learning process can't be rushed, but you won't have to learn everything on your own. You will have someone older and more experienced help you gain mastery over your area of expertise. Saturn will give you long-term potential, and Mars will help you get started in the here and now.


Once you get to get to October 7, you will be ready to add your name to a list of candidates for a very responsible job. Knowing this, make certain your performance remains letter perfect now, because everything you do these days will be examined later when that big promotion or new position comes up. It's all very exciting, but just remember - your name must be sterling and above reproach.



Dates to Note: Capricorn


The eclipses this month (and last) mainly affect those Capricorns who are attached, so if you have an established romantic or business relationship, pay special attention.


The eclipse last month, June 26, sent a jarring test to help you see if your relationship was strong or not.


The new moon solar eclipse in Cancer (the sign directly opposed to yours) on July 11 will open a path and allow you to initiate a plan soon. How do you feel about your partner? Do you want to leave or stay and fix any difficulties you found? Take your time - wait a week or more to act.


If your closest, most serious personal and business relationships prove to be solid, make sure your health is also strong. Sometimes an eclipse will look for a weak link in health. If you need to see a doctor about any concern, do so now so that you can feel better quickly.


Saturn, your ruler, is moving into your career house on July 21, a sure sign you will soon be considered or groomed for a very big job. Saturn's move into any house always suggests change, but it will be change you volunteer to accept, rather than change that is imposed on you. Be excited about this once-in-29-year trend - it can put you on the top of the mountain with a very enviable, powerful job.


From July 29 until September 14, Mars will work with Saturn, and you will enter into a key time for career progress - be assertive! By October 7, the new moon in your fame sector, you can find the right opportunities to make the big step up.


If you've been going to college / graduate school, Saturn's exit means that the course of study, and the whole academic experience, will get easier for you. You'll adapt more easily to the demands placed on you, and find you'll make friends more easily, too.


At the full moon, July 25, you'll need to conclude a financial obligation, purchase, or deal. You may write a check, but you may get a check as well. If you have put in for a raise, you would hear back about it at this time. Be optimistic - this full moon is friendly and could even be generous.


Real estate options glitter and glow in July, August, and early September. If you need to move, it appears a bank would be willing to offer you a mortgage - you'll see this to be true July 26, plus or minus five days. Your very best day to seal a deal for a lease, purchase, or sale will be July 26.


If you feel that stress has been high - and it seems to have been unusually high in late June - then see if you can use frequent flier miles or find a bargain package to go away. It looks likely you'd find it with Mars and Venus helping you now.


Best dates for love: July 1, 2, 5, 6, 11 (wild card, could be either very good or very bad), 15, 18, 22, 24, 28.


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