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As Absolument Madonna mentioned last week, Madonna attended Jay-Z’s closing performance at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park on Sunday (July 4) in London, England.
Madonna was also sharing a kiss with her hot Brazilian boyfriend while her two oldest kids also enjoyed the show - Lourdes, 13, and Rocco, 10 next month. www.absolumentmadonna.fr
The fact that Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow happened to watch the show "from completely separate VIP areas" fed again the old rumour of a feud between the two stars.


The 2011 edition of the Guinness World Records features Madonna as the Top’selling Female Recording Artist, with album sales up to December 2009 of 75 million in the USA and 200 million abroad.
The Queen of Pop is also listed as the woman with the most #1 albums in the UK.

Guinness Book of World Record - Madonna Top Selling Female  Recording Artist


GLEE has received 19 nominations for the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards including 4 for the “Power of Madonna” episode : Outstanding Costumes For A Series, Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single’Camera Series, Outstanding Makeup For A Single’Camera Series and Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series.


The New York Times criticized Kylie Minogue’s lack of innovation in her last album, Aphrodite. In the review, she is called “Madonna’s nicer, blander kid sister on her 11th studio album”. Stuart Price is also mentioned as being “a certified Madonnaologist”, and the music is said to end up “chasing Madonna’s coattails and old bouncing’ball beats, without the overpowering kick’drum bottom of latter’day club music, are back on this album; so are the smoothly rounded keyboard tones of "Like a Virgin" Madonna and the flickering reverberations of "Ray of Light " Madonna. "Illusion," written by Ms. Minogue and Mr. Price, echoes the chorale of "Like a Prayer." There’s just no avoiding the resemblances.”


Belinda Carlisle gave an interview to Pop Tarts about her new book.
She explained…
"I was envious of the way Madonna looked, but I had eating disorders way before that…
I wasn’t jealous of Madonna, I was envious of her and how she looked.”


Walt Disney Company has reportedly reached an agreement in principle to sell Miramax Films and its 611′film library to construction executive Ron Tutor.
The Miramax library includes “Truth or Dare : In Bed with Madonna”
Does this mean we can expect the movie to be released in Blu-Ray, someday?


According to the Sunday Mirror, Madonna is seeking professional help from her dermatologist Dr Fredric Brandt to fix her ageing hands.


The new edition of the German Grazia Magazine features a new picture from the Autumn / Winter Dolce & Gabbana campaign and a behind-the-scenes shot. (Thanks to Madonnalicious)

Behind the scenes at Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana for Grazia  MagazineBehind the scenes at Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana for Grazia  Magazine


The GagaDonna of the Week
Gaga said it, she does not want to be compared to Madonna…
Well, now she started working out with Tracy Anderson, and she definitely channelled Madonna during her recent ‘Today Show’ Performance !

GagaDonna of the week - Lady Gaga performs at the Today Show


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