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Dear Madonna...

Hello, my name is Philip Hudd.

I am a disabled man, 47 years old, in London, England.

Unfortunately, I have been unemployed for some years now, suffering from both physical and mental health problems. It was my birthday on may 30th, and I received a very moving card from my 11 year old son, Alan. It said:

'Dad, this is to say that I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you with all of my heart. please get well soon! Alan xxxxx.'

I feel a fraud because of this, as due to my illnesses and disabilities, I feel that I have been less of a father to Alan than I wish I could have been. What's more, about 3 weeks ago, I suffered a small stroke losing a 5mm portion of my right brain. (To be honest, I consider myself fortunate, as the stroke could have been much more severe!)

I have since then been diagnosed with pancreatitis, and consider this to be my be my 'second' warning...

If I were working and earning, I would just buy him the things that I know would give him joy, for his upcoming 12th birthday on the 24th august 2010, but unfortunately, I am having to ask for some help.

Both Alan & his mother Jelena attend a 'Born-Again' Christian Church... Jelena HAS been 'born again', & I have little doubt that Alan will follow in her footsteps, once he is good & ready.

Alan is learning the guitar... and if I say so myself, he seems to show promise!

I was wondering if I could ask you to send me an autographed music CD (Along possibly with a signed photo?) that I could then give to him as a birthday present.

I know that it would mean so much to him that his 'hero' dad had managed to arrange something like this for him, and it would mean so much to ME to have lived up to being the father that I wish I could have been/could be.

I know that I am asking for your charity, and I'm really sorry to do so, but I thank you in advance for anything that you may do for me, and for my son.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Hudd.

20 Brockhurst Close, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 3NP. United Kingdom.



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