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the spider



where do colors go when light fades away, when time for day has flourished, do all turn a grey, existing not in darkness night, required, obtained appreciation by light, are colors still present in the blind, or restored by morning, only ployed in the mind, do each notice these colors and of eaches value savor, or is light a distance traveled by whom enjoy each emotional flavor, where does the color go when color goes away


for the kiss that never came, wonder if it dissolved by rain, or from its givers heart twas slain, forming the words i can't quite hear, i love yous' pucker, eaten by fear, was priority kiss sent by mail over the weekend in hope, but turned blue, cold and pale, by sunday evening, sealed in the 'valope, the lips that never touched thous, have lost these meaning and now lick themselves chapped and possibly crack bleeding, did i get up to late to get off of my ass, to press my mouth, to melt its shape, in the pattern frosted window glass, i've even kissed on my fist, hand and thumb, tasty it was not but salty to tongue, i wont lie, i've gone mad with a purse, for that morsel i never had i grow worse, where is that intimate moment in a sucking lock, i've been lacking, inhaling eaches breath through the nostrils, four pouting petals slapping, in the time three eyes shut, nose to nose, french knotted above the chins, a caressing wrestle of bows, outspoken popping sound to the inner ear that it makes, by equal pressure release, as oral fixation breaks, i want that kiss and i'm still waiting, its nibble on the bottom, peck on the top fading, sweet slow deep draw into shared aroma, parting together, due to surrendered respirating


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