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Learn to eat the Madonna way!



Live from the USLearn to eat the Madonna way, a healthier way. This is what you find in the new book by Mayumi Nishimura, one of the most skilled chefs in the macrobiotic world today, released in the US this month by Kodansha International.

Mayumi, who prepared delicious recipes for the Ritchie family for the last seven years, now introduces her innovative and enticing approach to macrobiotic cooking in her first English-language cookbook,Mayumi’s Kitchen: Macrobiotic Cooking for Body and Soul. The book – featuring more than 130 of Mayumi’s most popular recipes – includes a letter from Madonna in which the superstar commends her longtime chef’s “amazing food.”

Mayumi Nishimura trained under Michio Kushi, founder of the Kushi Institute< and the foremost authority on macrobiotics. In 1983 she helped to open the Becket, MA, branch of the Institute, where she later worked as a cooking instructor. In 2001 she becameMadonna’s private chef, eventually accompanying the singer on four world tours (Drowned World Tour, re-Invention Tour, Confessions Tour and Sticky & Sweet Tour). Currently based in Japan, Nishimura gives lectures on macrobiotics, writes for several women’s magazines and frequently appears on television.

We advice our readers to try this book and some of the recipes, maybe you won't get that super energy that Madonna has when she dances on stage but it will surely give you an inside look at the food that helps our star being fit during her celebrated and loved world tours!

Mayumi’s Kitchen: Macrobiotic Cooking For Body and Soul 160 pages - $29.95 - Kodansha International.



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