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Steven Klein : With Madonna it's 50/50....



Sometime ago, Steven Klein gave an interview to Ralph Goertz for the German Institut für Kunstdokumentation und Szenografie. www.absolumentmadonna.fr
He explained the concept behind Madonna’s X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS project…

“With Madonna or with celebrities, I’m not interested in dressing them up to look like models. She [Madonna] wasn’t interested in modeling, fashion or doing clothes where it just says ‘Here I am, here I’m beautiful’. She’s not afraid to be ugly or to let herself go in that sense. The premise was to explore the idea of a performance artist.
For this X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS project, we talked for months before we actually worked and in Los Angeles, with the video, it’s not in a sense of the idea of she will say “I want this, I want that” or whatever. It’s a pure collaboration of… I’ll bounce an idea off and she’ll maybe edit it or have a critique on something or say “what about this” or the ending doesn’t look good like this. It’s that kind of collaboration between two people. It’s not like I’m working for her or she’s treating me like somebody that’s like…where most celebrities will come in and say “Ok, what do you want to do” and they leave by five. She’s very much 50/50 and that’s a good feeling, to feel that kind of input from the person you’re working with. It makes the output much bette


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