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Liz Smith on Gaga: Desperately copying Madonna



Lady Gaga's controversial new video, "Alejandro," is controversial only if you’ve never seen ... a Madonna video! (From the Big M's greatest era) S&M ... homoeroticism ... startling religious imagery, etc. Gaga's latest effort calls to mind at least five of Madonna videos, including the black-and-white masterpiece, Vogue. I guess this is Gaga's homage to Madonna. Just as Madonna's Material Girl was an homage to Marilyn Monroe?

As for Madonna herself, she says she is "working harder than I have ever worked in my life," to put together the movie she will direct, W.E. Actually, that worries me. One of Madonna's most famous songs is Holiday, but the woman has rarely taken one in 25 years. If she’s working harder than ever now, she is going to have to be hospitalized by the time the movie is finished! (source: WoWoWow)


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