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Alejandro Review/Reaction



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Tue. June 08.2010 8:34 PM EDT

Lady Gaga Fans Call 'Alejandro' Video 'Brilliant,' 'Scary'

'Words can't describe how awesome and revolutionary this video is!!' one fan gushes.

by Mawuse Ziegbe

Lady Gaga in "Alejandro" (Interscope Records)

Lady Gaga's latest video opus, "Alejandro," is a dizzying array of provocative imagery, roping in everything from Weimr Germany to S&M to (of course)
spc.gif spc.gif
(of course) Madonna. And as expected, Gaga's dedicated army of "little monsters" hit the web to take it all in.

While the clip's moody, brooding visuals are a departure from the gleefully demented camp of hits like "Telephone" or the futuristic disco of "Bad Romance," Gaga's fans are largely into "Alejandro" 's sleek, retro vibe. The clip "had my blood boiling the whole time," reader Andrew commented, adding that the video, whose sullen imagery nods to German films of the '20s and '30s, is "cinematic genius, pure brilliance."

"The video is effin' brilliant!!" reader Journey wrote, echoing fellow Gaga fan Andrew. "Gaga does it yet again — it's sleek, sexy and a bit scary. I knew she would slay." With her machine-gun bra, simulated orgies and Catholic iconography, Gaga goes for shock value in "Alejandro." Ralfy posted, "WHAT???? She makes SUCH a big statement with this video! Criticizing religion, homophobia, political repression, sexism!!! Words can't describe how awesome and revolutionary this video is!!"

"Oh my gosh lady gaga wears a pair of pants for the first time," Faith observed, pointing out that the conservative wardrobe choices might prove shocking to fans accustomed to Gaga's high drama. "As crazy as she is i loveeeee lady gaga!" she added.

Still, with all of the sinister, shadowy imagery, some fans were left in the dark. "I don't think the video was boring, 'cause I was like omg what is she going to do next in this video, BUT IT WAS A LITLE TOO CREEPY FOR ME! O.K. ALOTTTT!" ashcuptink13 commented.

And although the '80s pop-culture references are numerous and hard to miss, Jennifer defended Gaga's penchant for paying homage. "You can say she is copying Ace of Base, Madonna, [Michael] Jackson, etc., but in my opinion she is referencing them in her own unique works of art, a wonderfully grounded and respectful gesture to those who paved the way before her."

With "Alejandro," Gaga gavAQe her fans the unexpected, which is exactly what her little monsters crave. As Samuel posted, "U do ur thang gurl GAGA LIVE ON MOTHER MONSTER."

What did you think of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video? Let us know in the comments!

This report is from MTV News.


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