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"Human Nature"



"Human Nature" was released on June 6, 1995 in the U.S. and August 20, 1995 in Europae Madonna song response to the criticism and harassment that she suffered after the release of "FRI", ironically and acid it gives a slap in the face of their detractors and shows how they were hypocrites.

Human Nature as a single launch was a bold move by Madonna, as the previous single "Bedtime Stories" was not so successful, it was hoped that it would launch some more commercial track on the disc or another ballad to enjoy the good impression left by " Take a Bow. " The warnerr including Madonna pressured to cast it instead of Human Nature a single for "Do not Stop," Madonna has not accepted yet some radios on their own, began to perform "Do not Stop" instead of "Human Nature".

Sadly "Human Nature" could go so badly in the charts as "Bedtime Story" was not well either in the dance scene, but, interestingly, was a minor hit in the chart R & B, indeed, the last time Madonna got enter the parade.

Some of the remixes of "Human Nature" are based on the sound of hip hop and the rest was done even to the dance floor, many fans find the maxi-single boring because the remixes are a bit too similar to each other, which leaves no to be true, but in general they are very good.

The era of "Bedtime Stories" is marked by great video clips that Madonna did to promote the singles, "Human Nature" that cycle ended with a flourish, the clip has has one of the best dance routines ever performed by Madonna, she and a group of dancers, wearing a costume sadomassoquista make real stunts using ropes and then in small boxes placed one on top of another forming a sort of wall.

Despite M & S clothes to the weather gets to be funny clip, Madonna makes faces and mouths and when it appears Dominatrix is really very funny, until the pup uses her vest and black leather mask. Even with all that fancy production and the clip is one that had less success in the U.S., having never reached a good position in the daily parade of MTV and VH1.

The single was released on vinyl 12 "and 7", CD and cassette tape. In the United States out using maxi-single digipack packaging (cardboard and plastic injected).




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